Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Mosul/ College of Dentistry

2 Oral and Maxillofacial surgery department/college of dentistry/university of mosul. iraq


Aims: Assessment of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate mixed with injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-PRF) on healing of surgically created bone defects in a sheep animal model. Materials and Methods: In each tibia / radius of five sheep, three defects each measuring 7mm in diameter and 4mm in depth were created. The defects were filled with study materials and in the following order: from a proximal to distal orientation; first defect was filled with biphasic calcium phosphate alone, second left empty to be filled by physiological clot and the third with i-PRF mixed with biphasic calcium phosphate. Histological examination of bone defects was made to assess bone formation at fourtime intervals (two, four, six and eight weeks) post-surgically. Results: Regarding bone formation, histological findings showed the presence of a significant difference within the time intervals in the BCP+i-PRF group and in the BCP group when compared with control group with the highest mean being at eight weeks post-surgery in the BCP+i-PRF group. Conclusions: Both BCP and i-PRF, enhanced bone formation when compared to the control group and throughout the period of study and as disclosed by histological findings.


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