Document Type : Case Report


1 Prosthodontic Departments, Dental Faculty, University of Monastir, Tunisia

2 Private dental practitioner, Monastir, Tunisia

3 Professor. Prosthetic Department, Dental Clinic of Monastir, University of Monastir, , Avicenna Avenue, 5019 Monastir, Tunisia


The management of patients with severe worn dentition due to bruxism often necessitates an esthetic and functional approach. It is often challenging for the dentist, the dental technician, and the patient because of the loss of occlusal vertical dimension, loss of tooth structure, incorrect plane of occlusion, and para-functional habits.
Bruxism has a considerable negative impact on teeth and increases odds of failure for ceramic restorations, especially fracture and chipping failures. The choice of an appropriate material is essential to improving treatment prognosis and should be guided by mechanical and aesthetic properties. In This clinical report, we describe the successful use after two years of a CAD/CAM monolithic Zirconia as a permanent solution for a female patient with severe bruxism.


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