Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ministry of Health/ Nineveh Health Directorate

2 Department of Conservative Dentistry, College of Dentistry, University of Mosul


Aims: The present study aims to compare and evaluate transportation of three different single endodontic files (EdgeOne Fire, One curve file and Wave One Gold file) by using CBCT. Materials and Methods: Thirty freshly extracted human mandibular first molars with mature apices and intact mesial root randomly distributed into three groups (n=10) only Mesiobuccal canals (MB) with curvatures of 25–35 were prepared by using Edge One Fire (group A), MicroMega One curve file (group B) and Wave One Gold file (group C)  and 3-dimensional, high-resolution CBCT images were obtained using  CS8100 3D equipment (Carestream Health, Rochester, NY) at three cross-section levels that corresponded to 3-mm, 5-mm, and 7-mm distance from the apical end of the root before and after root canal preparation with 87 KV, 2.00 mA and 150 µm voxel size to determine the degree of canal transportation of the three file systems. Results: the highest degree of root canal transportation appeared with One Curve file while Edge One Fire showed the lowest degree of root canal transportation and there was a statistically significant difference between all three files. Conclusions: Within the limitations in this study, it can be  concluded tha all tested Ni-Ti file systems resulted in root canal transportation, and Edge One Fire file is safer during preparation of curved canals than One Curve file.


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