Document Type : Research Paper


Oral and maxillofacial surgery department collge of dentistry university of mosul iraq


The purposes of the suggested research are to assess the effectiveness of different protocols in decreasing oedema and aching post extraction of third wisdom teeth. Materials and Methods: The research involved thirty patients whom had impacted mandibular wisdom teeth of different local anatomical locations. Kinesiology adhesive tape put for one week only for 15 cases and Dexamethasone 8 mg submucosaly injected directly post operatively for other 15 cases. swelling was calculated by a tape scale means from known points and mean taken also pain evaluated by VAS using ribbon gauge degreed from 1 to 10. Calculations had been applied for the first day of surgical intervention, 3rd day and seventh day. Results: There was no significant statistical differences were documented statistically for oedema readings concerning two study methods on the reading day one, three and seven following the operation, and there were highly significant readings related to pain parameters. Conclusions: Usage of Kinesiology adhesive tape clinically was closely with a same advantageousness with Dexamethasone injection submucosaly in dropping the oedema and pain parameter, although clinically dexamethasone was better in both parameters than Kinesiology tape, so it can be used additionally in contraindicated cases of prescribing steroids for alleviating ache, oedema following to wisdom teeth surgery.


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