Document Type : Research Paper



Aims: To evaluate wettability of flexible denture base martial after immersion in saliva, artificial saliva, chlorhexidine and sodium hypochlorite for 7 days period of time. Materials and methods: sixty rectangular shape sample of flexible denture base martial were prepared with one surface polished and another surface unpolished. These samples were stored in the previously mentioned four solutions in addition to the distilled water as a control group for 1 day and 7 days. Contact angle (parameter of wettability) were measured on both surfaces after each storage periods (1- day and 7 days). The statistical analysis to the data was performed using ANOVA and Duncan Multiple Range Test. Results: The results revealed that the wettability of unpolished flexible denture base material is significantly more than the polished surface. Sodium hypochlorite had significantly decrease the wettability of polished surfaces. Periods of storage had significant effect only on the wettability of polished surfaces rather than unpolished surfaces. Conclusions: Wettability of unpolished surface of flexible material is better than the wettability of the polished surface. The storage periods have no effect on the wettability of unpolished surface. Disinfectant solutions that have oxidizing effect (sodium hypochlorite) has a worsening effect on the wettability of flexible denture base materials.