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Aims: The aims of the study are to evaluate the radiographical views, OPG and periapical views on the changes in peri- implant bony tissue around dental implant at time of placement and another reading after 16 weeks before functional prosthetic loading and regard it as a prognostic parameter. Material and methods: Nineteen cases with 24 implant were enrolled for standardization. Radiographical measurement undertaken by a periapical and OPG radiographs after implant placement, then after16 weeks later, again a second periapical and OPG radiographs were taken for measurements using Dimaxis 3.2.1. Software program to estimate marginal bone height of both sides of implant and its changes during times of evaluation. Results: 19 medically fit patients, male and female with age 22-65 years, twenty four implants with average bone loss 0.59 mm mesialy and 0.60 mm distally at T0 as standered base line in compared to 0.98mm mesialy and 1.11mm distally at T1as average bone loss. There was a significant bone resorption in both sides in relation of implant size and in comparison to time of placement and after 16 weeks according to statistical analysis. Conclusion: OPG and periapical views are a good parameter for evaluation of successful implant and monitoring of the prognosis and stability and durability, as these radiographs more available in most dental centers and clinics with less cost.