Print ISSN: 1812-1217

Online ISSN: 1998-0345

Keywords : Pain control

Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy, Dex-amethasone, and Lornoxicam on Post-Operative Pain after Periapical surgery: A comparative clinical study

Waqass S Thanoon; Omer W Majid

Al-Rafidain Dental Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 70-75
DOI: 10.33899/rden.2014.89255

To compare the effect of low level laser therapy ( LLLT), submucosal lornoxicam, and submucosal
dexamethasone to control postoperative pain after periapical surgery of upper anterior teeth.
Materials and Methods: This randomized, double- blind, controlled trial was performed on patients
who required surgical endodontics of single upper anterior tooth under local anesthesia. A case form
was used. Standardized surgical procedure was followed. Patients were categorized into 6 groups;
LLLT, lornoxicam, LLLT+ lornoxicam , dexamethasone, placebo, and control groups. Measurements
of pain were undertaken at days 1-7. Results: : Pain on Visual Analog Scale (VAS) also reached it's
peak on 6 hours and faded away by day 7. With respect to pain (on VAS), dexamethasone treated
group continued to be the best at all intervals (P<0.05) followed by LLLT+lornoxicam group, Placebo
group, lornoxicam group, LLLT group, and control group in a descending order. There were significant
differences for all treated groups on (6 hours) post operatively as compared with control group. Laser
treated group showed significant reduction in pain at 6 hours, lornoxicam group showed significant
reduction in pain at day 2 as compared with other tereated groups. Dexamethasone and placebo groups
showed significant reduction in pain at day 3 as compared with other tereated groups. Up to the end of
follow up period, no cases of wound infection were reported. No side effects of drugs and treatments
used in the trial were demonstrated. Conclusion: Submucosal dexamethasone 4mg injection is an effective
therapy for reducing postoperative pain after periapical surgery. The treatment offers a simple,
safe, painless, noninvasive and cost therapeutic option for moderate and severe cases. LLLT and submucosal
lornoxicam seem to have little effect in this regard and found to be associated with some discomfort
and inconvenience in many cases.